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Wormhole Labs
Community Moderator
about 1 month ago | 332 views | 52 applications

Community Moderator

Per year
$36,000 To $65,000

About the company

Wormhole Labs is a technology company that specializes in building products, tools, and reference implementations to expand the cross-chain ecosystem. We’re committed to open-source development and laying down the paths for a connected decentralized world. We are an independent contributor to the Wormhole protocol - the industry’s first interoperability protocol. Since launch, it has supported hundreds of projects across 30+ networks, facilitated the transfer of over $30+ billion in value, and has processed close to a billion messages. Wormhole’s technology has been adopted by industry-leading companies like Uniswap, Synthetix, Lido, Pyth, Threshold, and many more. Join us at Wormhole Labs and help shape the future of interoperability.

Job Summary

The Role: Community Moderator

📍As a Community Moderator at the Wormhole Foundation, you will directly interact with and serve our community. 📍Moderate and ensure that the rules of our various social platforms are followed. 📍Manage Discord channels and operate Discord events and games. 📍Pleasantly engage with users and ensure a productive active environment. 📍Troubleshoot and assist with bots, integrations and other technical dependencies for Discord. 📍Engage in building camaraderie with our user base by having genuine interactions with people.

Who you are:

📍At least 2 years of experience working with social platforms. Discord and Telegram experience preferred. 📍At least 2 years of experience with public communications. 📍Posses an awareness for guidelines and policy that dictates how you answer questions. 📍Capable of communicating clearly via written and verbal communications to an async team. 📍Comfortable in high pressure environments. 📍Enjoy spending time with a diverse community of people. 📍Well-organized with strong time management skills and a proactive personality 📍Enjoy working remotely with a talented global team and ideally based in the Americas or European time zones.

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