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Chief Operating Officer
7 months ago | 698 views | Be the first one to apply

Chief Operating Officer


About the company

CAIZ is THE FIRST ISLAMIC ECOSYSTEM BUILD ON BLOCKCHAIN: The mission is to create a Fiqh compliant financial ecosystem that provides our community fair and easy access to ethical financial products and services that give them the tools to build a strong financial future and engage in long term economically beneficial behaviour. CAIZcoin is the native coin that can be used on the CAIZblockchain to make payments, store value and to interact with the ethical financial products that will be built. The CAIZapp serves as the centerpiece of the extensive CAIZecosystem. With the App, you can maintain complete control over your digital assets and access all the features of the ecosystem.

Job Summary


📍Represent the company alongside the CEO and Founder as an expert in Finance, decentralized finance, and/or cryptocurrency/blockchain to investors, partners, and other external parties 📍Collaborate with the Founder and CEO to provide strategic direction and contribute to creative and operational initiatives aimed at ensuring a highly functional organization 📍Supervise day-to-day operations and management of customer-facing areas, including marketing, business development, and support, working closely with area directors 📍Assist in establishing an appropriate organizational structure and develop processes to support the company's growth 📍Execute initiatives and communications specific to the company's growth and development, as well as engagement with the company's investors 📍Develop and implement an organizational chart and hiring roadmap for the company 📍Partner with the CEO and Chief Strategy Officer in planning and executing international growth and partnership ventures 📍Operate at a tactical, strategic, and operational level, coordinating various projects 📍Take the lead on business development activities related to client acquisition and corporate partnerships


Experience: 📍Knowledge in Cryptocurrency/Blockchain is an advantage 📍7+ years of professional experience, with management and operations experience in a leading role managing teams 📍Strong strategic thinking and problem-solving skills 📍Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities 📍Sound financial acumen and budget management skills 📍Knowledge of relevant industry trends and regulations 📍Leadership and team-building skills

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