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LayerZero Labs, LLC
Business Development, User Success Manager
7 months ago | 598 views | 5 applications

Business Development, User Success Manager

Remote, Vancouver

About the company

Founded in 2021, LayerZero’s vision is to create a community of cross-chain developers, building dApps that are no longer constrained by individual blockchain capabilities. With LayerZero's simple, generic messaging protocol, builders will develop cross-chain dApps designed to unify the power of individual blockchains. We are funded by the best investors in the world including: a16z, Sequoia, PayPal, Binance Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Uniswap Labs, Circle Ventures, Delphi Digital, and many more.

Job Summary


📍Onboarding and Education: 📍Lead the onboarding process for users, providing guidance on navigating the LayerZero offerings. 📍Develop and deliver educational resources, workshops, and materials tailored to the intricacies of our protocol and the broader industry. 📍User Engagement and Relationship Building: 📍Proactively engage with users to understand their goals, challenges, and objectives in the context of interoperability infrastructure. 📍Build and nurture relationships with key stakeholders in the industry, becoming a trusted advisor to our users. 📍Product Adoption: 📍Collaborate with our users to identify opportunities for increased adoption of LayerZero offerings. 📍Facilitate training sessions and provide hands-on support to empower users in navigating and utilizing LayerZero. 📍Health Monitoring: 📍Monitor and analyze user engagement metrics specific to assess account health. 📍Proactively identify and address potential challenges unique to the interoperability landscape, collaborating with the product team for solutions. 📍Issue Resolution and Advocacy: 📍Serve as the primary point of contact for users, addressing inquiries, issues, and concerns related to implementation of LayerZero offerings. 📍Advocate for user needs within the organization and collaborate with the development team to enhance the user experience. 📍Community Engagement: 📍Actively participate in Web3 and blockchain communities to stay informed about industry trends, emerging technologies, and user sentiments. 📍Represent the company in community forums and events, fostering a sense of belonging and connection.


📍2-5 years of business development and/or account management experience 📍A good understanding of the Web3 industry 📍DeFi, Gaming, and/or Financial Services experience is a plus 📍Technical expertise is a plus

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