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Business Development Associate
at Ondo
6 months ago | 581 views | 6 applications

Business Development Associate


About the company

Hi, we're Ondo Finance. Our mission is to provide institutional-grade, blockchain-enabled investment products and services. We have both a technology arm that develops decentralized finance technology, and an asset management arm that creates and manages tokenized funds. We are the first (and so far, only) company to tokenize exposure to US Treasuries. We are also focused on incubating protocols that can support both tokenized real-world assets and traditional crypto. We're fully remote, with team members across the globe.

Job Summary

Target Outcomes

i.e. What should the world look like if you’re doing your job well? 📍Consistent Qualified Lead Generation. You are consistently introducing our senior business development, partnership, sales, and/or onboarding teams to prospective clients or partners that have met our qualification criteria.

Organized, Accurate, Up-To-Date Files and Records. Our CRM and files related to your activities are consistently organized, accurate and up to date. 📍High-Quality Market Analysis & Insight. You regularly produce high-quality market mapping and market analysis reports and become the “go-to person” for our team for information, updates, and insights into your assigned market segments. You understand the companies, the DAOs, the people, the investors, the customers, the suppliers, the market dynamics, and the relationships between them. 📍Strong Relationships & Reputation with Prospects & Partners. When external parties communicate with you, they are impressed with your competence and professionalism and your knowledge of Ondo and our products, our industry, and their (the prospect’s) business. Your being part of the team bolsters Ondo’s brand. 📍Effective & Harmonious Internal Relationships. You work effectively and harmoniously with other members of the Ondo team, particularly across sales operations, client onboarding, marketing, and client relations / customer support.

Your Responsibilities Will Include…

📍Lead Generation: Proactively identify and cultivate new leads through various channels including email campaigns, social media, and networking platforms, tailored to the DeFi and blockchain industry. 📍Market Research: Continuously monitor and analyze market trends, technological advancements, and competitive landscapes in the DeFi and blockchain sectors to identify new opportunities and threats. 📍Partner Relationship Management: Build and maintain strong relationships with key partners in the DeFi ecosystem, such as wallets, exchanges, and protocols, to foster collaborations and business opportunities. 📍Client Onboarding and Account Management: Collaborate with internal teams including product, marketing, and operations to ensure seamless onboarding of new clients and effective ongoing account management.

You should definitely have…

📍 At least some familiarity with the crypto/blockchain industry/DeFi 📍 Strong networking, communication, and relationship building skills

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