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$70,000 TO $120,000 PER YEAR

About Company

Streamflow is a token distribution platform. We offer token vesting and payroll solutions on our platform that are trustless, verifiable, decentralized, and real-time. The streaming primitive unlocks efficient and transparent token vesting and payroll for teams on Solana. Category. AppDeFiSPLTools.

Job Description

## We’re seeking We're looking for a full-time Blockchain Engineer to supercharge our presence in the Solana ecosystem and beyond. We need to grow the Streamflow brand to ensure users think of Streamflow first when looking to solve token vesting and payroll on Solana. We are looking for individuals who are here for the long-term, fully committing themselves to being a part of the Streamflow team. If you: - have 5+ years of professional experience working as a software engineer - can have your working hours overlap with 3pm-5pm CET It will be a perfect fit if you love to: - Developing - Learning (and do it fast) - Going outside your comfort zone - Doing what is best for the business - Participating in the construction of processes and organizations from an early stage - Autonomy and responsibility - Very ambitious projects ## 🌟 Bonus points If you: - Know Rust or want to learn more about Rust - Love CLI more than UI - Love Linux - Is interested in web3 and Solana blockchain you’re very likely to succeed in this role. ## 🔨 Responsibilities Responsibilities include: - Hands-on work on blockchain protocols using Rust and Solana program tooling - Design, develop and maintain server-side code and infrastucture using tools like Python, Go and Cloud products - Participate in technical discussions with team members and provide expert opinion, as well as help with technical decision making - Take ownership of key pieces of streamflow’s protocol stack and steer them in the right direction - Work with product and design teams to rapidly build experimental products