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Cherry Ventures
SCM/Procurement Manager - Confectionary/Munich
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SCM/Procurement Manager - Confectionary/Munich


About the company

Cherry VC is an early-stage venture capital firm led by a team of entrepreneurs with experience building fast-scaling companies such as Zalando and Spotify.

Job Summary

Your Tasks:

📍Ingredient Sourcing Strategy: Develop and execute a comprehensive plan to source ingredients for cocoa-free chocolate, ensuring alignment with company goals by identifying ingredients, assessing their availability, quality, and cost, and establishing supplier relationships. 📍Strategic Procurement and Risk Management: Develop and implement long-term procurement strategies, including negotiating multi-year contracts, utilizing futures contracts, and securing favorable pricing to mitigate supply chain risks. Analyze market trends, supply-demand dynamics, and commodity price forecasts to inform purchasing decisions. Collaborate with finance to assess hedging opportunities, manage price volatility, and align with business objectives. 📍Supplier Management: Manage supplier relationships, negotiate contracts, and ensure compliance with quality standards and delivery schedules. Evaluate supplier performance, conduct regular reviews, and address any issues that arise. 📍Supply Chain Optimization: Optimize the supply chain to minimize costs, reduce lead times, and improve efficiency by identifying consolidation opportunities, streamlining processes, and implementing best practices in inventory management. 📍Quality Assurance: Collaborate with the quality assurance team to ensure all ingredients meet standards for food safety, taste, texture, and nutritional content. 📍Market Research and Trend Analysis: Stay informed about market trends, emerging ingredients, and chocolate industry innovations. Conduct market research to identify potential suppliers, assess competitor strategies, and anticipate changes in demand or pricing. 📍Cost Analysis and Budgeting: Analyze the cost structure of ingredient procurement, identify cost-saving opportunities, develop budgets for sourcing activities, and monitor expenses to meet financial objectives. 📍Cross-functional Collaboration: Work with product development, marketing, and operations to align ingredient sourcing with business objectives. Provide input on product formulations, support new product launches, and address supply chain challenges.


📍You have a Bachelor's degree in business, supply chain management, or a related field. An advanced degree or professional certifications (e.g., CSCP, CPSM) may be preferred 📍You have several years of experience in procurement, supply chain management, or purchasing roles, preferably in the food or beverage industry. Experience with ingredient sourcing and supplier relationship management is highly desirable 📍You have strong negotiation skills, analytical ability, and attention to detail, with proficiency in financial analysis, contract negotiation, and risk management. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills for building relationships with suppliers and internal stakeholders 📍You have in-depth knowledge of supply chain principles, procurement best practices, and quality assurance standards, with familiarity in food safety regulations, industry trends, and sustainability practices 📍You are a strategic thinker who anticipates market trends and identifies innovation opportunities. You are results-oriented, focused on cost savings and efficiency, and adaptable and resilient in managing supply chain disruptions

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