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3 months ago | 410 views | Be the first one to apply


San Francisco

About the company

MyShell is building an open ecosystem for AI Native Apps. With powerful model platform and creator toolkit, anyone can easily build AI Native Apps. At MyShell, we envision a future where everyone are empowered to access, crate and benefit with AI native apps in a decentralized way. Since its launch in April 2023, MyShell has accumulated a vibrant and strong community across many countries and areas. With a global exposure, MyShell is growing rapidly. The team behind MyShell is composed of talents from prestigious institutions such as MIT, Princeton, and Oxford. With a diversified and agile team, every employee in MyShell will enjoy a fair, transparent, and warm working environment. MyShell has already secured millions of dollars in funding from top-tier VCs.

Job Summary

[Key Responsibilities]

📍As an HR, you will collaborate with the founding team to establish the company's talent system. Simultaneously, you will immerse yourself in the business lines to comprehend their nature and work with department heads to devise talent strategies, explore recruitment channels, and oversee the implementation of recruitment programs. In a startup environment that prioritizes results and adopts a flat management structure, mature experience is not mandatory. Instead, we seek individuals with a strong aptitude for learning, adaptability to dynamic environments, and the ability to swiftly respond to demands. We are committed to growing alongside talented individuals. 📍Delve into each business line to understand their talent requirements and translate them into recruitment programs, ensuring timely and quantity-compliant completion of recruitment tasks. 📍Collaborate with business line leaders to conduct resume screening, assessments, and interview follow-ups, taking responsibility for the recruitment pipeline. 📍Work with business line leaders to construct a talent ladder, establish talent pools, and continuously explore international recruitment channels to enhance the quality of the resume database. 📍Identify and address issues and deficiencies in the recruitment process, conducting in-depth analyses and formulating systematic solutions. 📍Stay abreast of AI, Web3 industry, and related market dynamics, conducting research on associated industries and talent mapping.

[Ideal Candidate Profile]

📍Hold a bachelor's degree or higher from renowned domestic or international institutions; no specific major is required, but preference is given to candidates with backgrounds in business administration, human resources, computer science, and related fields. 📍Possess 0-3 years of work experience. 📍Prior HRBP internship experience in headhunting or technology companies is advantageous. 📍Demonstrate strong logical and analytical skills, pragmatism, adeptness at problem analysis, process organization, experience summarization, and pattern recognition. In our startup environment, we prioritize identifying genuine issues and developing methodologies to resolve them over formalism and superficial work. 📍Showcase excellent communication skills and independent problem-solving abilities. As our HRBP will deeply engage with business lines and directly support them, effective communication of needs and coordination of internal and external resources to formulate solutions are essential. 📍Exhibit self-drive, clear goal-setting, and a results-oriented approach. 📍Proficiency in Mandarin and English as working languages.

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