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AI Developer
5 months ago | 684 views | 2 applications

AI Developer


About the company

We're a team of 18 to help Creators & brands to make meaningful AR experiences - with location-based AR, own AI & NFT, great team and traction + Google partner.

Job Summary


📍We make use of the following stack: 📍Cloud platform: Azure 📍Deep learning framework: Pytorch CI/CD tools: Pytest, Github Actions, Docker Infrastructure as code tool: Terraform

Job Functions:

📍Develop and implement Deep Learning Pipelines using cutting-edge models 📍Sustain the infrastructure for Deep Learning inference on Azure 📍Build a CI/CD pipeline for automated deployment 📍Keep up-to-date with latest developments in the AI field 📍Prototype the pipelines and refine them with the team and clients until the final product

Additional tasks will include:

📍Managing the AI inference backend, facilitating secure frontend requests 📍Designing and implementing database schema and serverless architectures


📍At least 3 years of experience with Deep Learning Pipelines 📍Knowledge and experience with Azure/AWS/GCP, preferably Azure 📍An approachable and friendly disposition 📍The ability to see through problems to their resolution

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