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Vertex ProtocolCrypto Jobs

About Vertex Vertex Protocol is committed to building capital-efficient and user-focused decentralized applications that replaces the need to use centralized counterparts. Our first product will integrate the DeFi stack into one robust, composable protocol that gives users the same experience as centralized exchanges without needing to go off-chain. After recently closing our seed round, we’ve gathered support from major market players and are excited to focus our efforts on building the financial applications of tomorrow. You will not be bored working at Vertex. Who we are A small but passionate team of engineers and operators with backgrounds in crypto and TradFi. Our team is fully remote and work across multiple time zones. We value collaboration, problem-solving, and shipping products that make meaningful contributions to the ecosystem.

2 Jobs Found

almost 2 years ago | 2338 views | 37 applications
$40,000 To $60,000 per year
almost 2 years ago | 1182 views | 10 applications
$60,000 To $90,000 per year