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- **Showtime’s mission is to make web3 accessible to everyone.** And that comes with building the most popular type of internet platform: a social network. - Unlike traditional social media, **web3 lets online creators thrive** – both financially, by owning their own micro-economy, and socially, by directing some of that newly-created value straight to their community. It’s a win-win because those interactions are more valuable than ever. It’s important we get creators onboard, because creators are the most powerful distribution players of our time: they reach billions daily. - **Web3 is in desperate need of social products, not financial products.** Yes, finance is obvious in web3, but creators need an outlet to grow an audience before they can monetize it. This is a crucial point. - **We are starting with music creators and tech-literate creators**, two niches who share the same characteristics: they are both under-monetized in the social media status quo, yet tech-literate and experimental enough to play around with web3. - We believe that novel **primitives like digital collectibles, [Soulbound](https://twitter.com/pujaohlhaver/status/1524392972044972033) tokens, and [social tokens](https://andrewsteinwold.substack.com/p/-exploring-the-social-token-revolution?s=r)** are features that will reinvent social networks in that direction. I should know, as I (Alex Masmej, founder) pioneered those 3 trends with RocketNFT and [$ALEX,](https://future.a16z.com/creator-tokens-and-community-tokens/) the infamous [social token](https://future.a16z.com/creator-tokens-and-community-tokens/).