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About Company

- **Showtime’s mission is to make web3 accessible to everyone.** And that comes with building the most popular type of internet platform: a social network. - Unlike traditional social media, **web3 lets online creators thrive** – both financially, by owning their own micro-economy, and socially, by directing some of that newly-created value straight to their community. It’s a win-win because those interactions are more valuable than ever. It’s important we get creators onboard, because creators are the most powerful distribution players of our time: they reach billions daily. - **Web3 is in desperate need of social products, not financial products.** Yes, finance is obvious in web3, but creators need an outlet to grow an audience before they can monetize it. This is a crucial point. - **We are starting with music creators and tech-literate creators**, two niches who share the same characteristics: they are both under-monetized in the social media status quo, yet tech-literate and experimental enough to play around with web3. - We believe that novel **primitives like digital collectibles, [Soulbound](https://twitter.com/pujaohlhaver/status/1524392972044972033) tokens, and [social tokens](https://andrewsteinwold.substack.com/p/-exploring-the-social-token-revolution?s=r)** are features that will reinvent social networks in that direction. I should know, as I (Alex Masmej, founder) pioneered those 3 trends with RocketNFT and [$ALEX,](https://future.a16z.com/creator-tokens-and-community-tokens/) the infamous [social token](https://future.a16z.com/creator-tokens-and-community-tokens/).

Job Description

We’re looking for a creative Product Designer who loves Product, is excited about pushing boundaries in web3 social and collaborates smoothly and rapidly with engineers on Figma. ### Our design work so far - **We have a mobile + web unified stack**, combining next.js and React Native in a responsive interface in order to iterate faster on all devices: Android, iPhones, iPads and (mobile or desktop) browsers. - We also built a world-class, live, cross-platform [design system here](https://www.figma.com/file/hseAlaaQKC4b7MIZS6TdF9/%F0%9F%93%9A-Showtime-Library?node-id=1572%3A3795). [(it’s also open-source: scroll down for Figma and Storybook links)](https://github.com/showtime-xyz/showtime-frontend). ### What we’re looking for - **A passion for interviewing users and extracting their problems into insights** on what they truly want but don’t know how to articulate yet. For our web3 features, we’re building cutting-edge technology that has no past data: for instance, the $ALEX cryptocurrency that I created was the [world’s first](https://www.theblockcrypto.com/post/61699/this-crypto-entrepreneur-just-sold-20000-worth-of-personal-tokens-on-ethereum) ever social token. - ******************************************Senior experience:****************************************** at least 4 years of experience designing consumer, social, mobile, creator econonmy-related products. Web3 experience is optional. - **Figma expertise:** you design mind-blowing UIs like an illustrator, or could direct someone to design delightful UX. As a social network, the bar for design is extremely high: ideally, we want a [Zenly-level](https://zenly.com/) designer. - **Collaborating with engineers**: our team is primarily technical. If you join us, you will talk to engineers daily. Optionally, you have some frontend experience to better understand their needs. Are you thrilled by building what could potentially be the web3 breakout app? → **email** **$ALEX Masmej** (founder & CEO) at **[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])** (or DM on Twitter [@AlexMasmej](http://twitter.com/alexmasmej))