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Numerai Numerai is a new kind of hedge fund powered by a decentralized network of machine learning models. Every week, thousands of data scientists from around the world compete in the data science tournament to model our dataset and predict the global stock market, earning staking rewards in the NMR cryptocurrency based on their performance. Collectively, these staked predictions form the Meta Model which controls the portfolio of the Numerai hedge fund. In the short two years since we started trading, our novel approach to crowdsourcing machine learning intelligence has generated industry-leading performance for the Numerai hedge fund, shown at The most exciting thing about our performance is that it is constantly getting better as we improve the dataset and as the community of data scientists grows. And since our alpha is highly portable, we will be able to apply this playbook to create industry-leading investment products in any asset class and in any market condition. All of this is part of Numerai's mission to monopolize intelligence, monopolize data, monopolize money, and to decentralize the monopoly. We believe that the capital allocation industry is ripe for disruption. Recent advances in machine learning and blockchain technologies have given us a unique opportunity to redesign the entire system from first principles and to re-build it from scratch.

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