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EoT Labs
Web3 Content Writer
21 days ago | 194 views | 14 applications

Web3 Content Writer

Per year
$39,000 To $45,000

About the company

We are a team of hungry entrepreneurs, engineers and creatives, driven by the opportunity to have a real-world impact. We’re transforming the corporate-controlled Internet of Things into a people-powered Economy of Things, positively shaping our collective future in the process. Check out our vision deck to learn more about our ‘why’.

Job Summary

What you bring to the table

📍Native or native-level command of English (American English preferred). We’re looking for an absolute wordsmith. 📍A proven track record of writing excellent short- and long-form content — we do want to see your writing samples and cannot encourage you strongly enough to add your best few to your application. 📍You’re an active user of Twitter and have been for a long, long time. 📍You get the platform. You get the people on it. You know what’s cool, and what’s not. You’re a Twitter guru, basically. Please share your Twitter account with us when applying, or 1 or 2 accounts you’ve managed. 📍At least 3 years’ worth of experience on content roles, ideally in Web3 or tech, but we’ll bat an eye if your skills are too good to pass on. 📍A strong understanding of Web3 basics — we’re not looking for the next Satoshi, but you should know why you can’t download your Bitcoin on a flash drive. 📍A deep curiosity for all things tech and an ability to translate the intricacies of decentralized architectures, cryptography, and AI-Web3-IoT interplay into well-written and normie-friendly copy. 📍An ability to put on different personas and tailor the communications to a wide array of audiences while still retaining the core brand voice. 📍Professionalism, responsibility, and communicability, which become all the more important when working in a remote-first team as distributed as Web3 itself.

Nice to have

📍An in-depth understanding of Web3 and a passion for its emerging DePIN sector. 📍A strong understanding of SEO basics; advanced knowledge is even more welcome. 📍Basic visual editing and design skills with a focus on social media. 📍An affinity for spamming parrot emojis on Slack — don’t ask, just do it.

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