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Wynd Labs
Web Scraping Specialist
12 days ago | 75 views | 1 applications

Web Scraping Specialist


About the company

Wynd Network enables access to public web data through decentralized data scraping tools such as our first product, Grass. Grass is a network sharing application that allows users to sell their unused bandwidth. Effectively, this is a residential proxy network that directly compensates individual residential IPs for the bandwidth they provide. Wynd will route traffic equitably among its network and meter the amount of data that each node provides to fairly distribute revenue. In non-technical terms: we're unlocking everyone's ability to earn from a passive income stream by simply selling the unused internet bandwidth on personal devices (laptops, smartphones).

Job Summary

Your day-to-day:

📍Write, test, and refine code that extracts data from various online sources, ensuring reliability and efficiency. 📍Perform data retrieval tasks, handling complexities such as pagination and dynamic content loaded with AJAX. 📍Clean and format extracted data, ensuring it meets quality standards for further analysis or processing. 📍Database management: Store and manage the scraped data in appropriate databases, optimizing for access speed and data integrity. 📍Regularly monitor the scraping processes, identify and resolve any issues to maintain continuous data flow.

What experience you’ll need:

📍Demonstrated ability to extract data from complex websites with minimal supervision, with a portfolio or examples of past projects.

Salaries for similar jobs:

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