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Unreal Engine Game Developer
over 1 year ago | 1690 views | 20 applications

Unreal Engine Game Developer

Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Remote
Per year
$50,000 To $100,000

About the company

We’re — a marketplace where we match you with hand-picked startups from the US and Europe.

Job Summary

Why work with us: We’ll find you a team that respects you. No time-trackers or any micromanagement stuff Our engineers earn $4k - $8k / month and more! We’ve already paid out over $10M. Choose your schedule. We have both full- and part-time projects. No project managers in the middle — only direct communications with clients, most of whom have a technical background. Our Customer Success Dept team provides life support to help you resolve anything. You don’t have to search for clients and negotiate anymore: just do what you do best and leave us the rest.

Requirements: 5+ years of experience in Game Development Experience in Unreal Engine 4 (3+ years) and understanding of Unreal Engine 5 features Experience in the development of multiplayer games/VR applications Knowledge of UE client-server architecture Advanced programming with C++, good knowledge of design patterns and software engineering Good understanding of current game industry trends. Very good analytical and problem-solving skills. A good understanding of performance and optimization. Ability to write clean, maintainable and portable code Good command of English, both written and spoken, as you’ll be communicating with clients directly. Strong organizational skills — ability to work full-time remotely with no supervision Responsibility — we want to trust you! Soft skills — we don’t ask you to find a topic for small talk, but being just polite is OK.

Apply today, and our team will get back to you within 2 business days!

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