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Technical Writer
9 days ago | 79 views | 1 applications

Technical Writer

Per year
$45,000 To $90,000

About the company

Startale is dedicated to accelerating the mass adoption of Web3, developing the largest public blockchain, and providing Web3 infrastructure through the Startale Web3 Service. In 2023, Startale announced a capital alliance and joint venture with Sony Network Communications, unveiling the development of a blockchain that will serve as a core global infrastructure.

Job Summary

Your Responsibilities:

📍Produce comprehensive developer documentation, including guides, tutorials, reference material, and release notes. 📍Research, analyze, and understand complex technical concepts related to blockchain technology and Web3 protocols. 📍Work closely with product managers, developers, and subject matter experts to gather information and ensure accuracy and completeness of documentation. 📍Translate technical information into clear and accessible content tailored to various audiences and developer personas. 📍Assist and coordinate content improvement efforts through devX research interviews, docs bounties, and docs usability testing. 📍Collaborate with cross-functional teams to support documentation needs related to product launches, hackathons, marketing campaigns, and ecosystem contributions.

Skills and Qualities:

📍Technical writing experience with a focus on developer documentation, software documentation, or technical documentation. 📍Experience writing about blockchain technology, decentralized applications, smart contracts, and Web3 protocols (e.g., Ethereum, IPFS, Polkadot) or previous contributions to open-source projects or technical communities related to blockchain, cryptocurrency, or Web3. 📍Proficiency in writing clear, concise, and accurate documentation for developer audiences. 📍Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work independently in a remote environment and effectively in a cross-functional team. 📍Experience using documentation tools, platforms, and version control systems (e.g., Docusaurus, Markdown, Git, Notion, VS Code). 📍Self-motivated with a passion for learning and a proactive approach to problem-solving.

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