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IO Global
Technical Architect - Innovation
22 days ago | 93 views | Be the first one to apply

Technical Architect - Innovation


About the company

IO Global Founded in 2015, IO Global is one of the world’s pre-eminent blockchain research and engineering companies, best known for the Cardano blockchain platform. We are a fully decentralized, remote-working organization committed to the highest principles of academic rigour and evidence-based software development. The company builds high-assurance blockchain products for public and private sector clients. Our goal is simple – to fuel our drive to be best in class by giving you the opportunity, resources and support to deliver your finest work to date. You’ll work with some exceptionally talented and friendly individuals who are always open to new ideas and ways of working. IO Global is an advocate of decentralized remote working, with 300 people working in more than 50 countries. Everyone has a different skill set, a different culture, and is at a different stage in their life. We aim to make collaboration between diverse people fun, exciting, and always rewarding. Many companies say they ‘think outside the box’ – for IO Global it’s more, ‘we think outside the geography’.

Job Summary


📍Teamwork and Methodologies 📍Support agile software development practices 📍Participate in planning, definition, and high-level design of the solution and explore alternatives. 📍Participate and give technical advice in decisions related to work prioritization. 📍Participate in iteration planning to decide how much of the highest priority work is reasonable to select for execution in a given iteration. 📍Review acceptance criteria of the critical tasks assigned to developers 📍Communicate technical details with scientists, researchers, and developers. 📍Summarize technical details about proposed solutions to management and business decision-makers. 📍Contribute to the work breakdown and allocation decisions to get the best out of team members. 📍Software Architecture 📍Ensure that recommended software engineering principles are followed 📍Enable a continuous delivery of features through appropriate architecture design and establish timeline and milestones 📍Distinguish features and enablers and proactively recommend work on enablers to allow the future implementation of features 📍Define subsystems and their interfaces, allocating clear responsibilities to subsystems 📍Establish and raise awareness of critical non-functional requirements 📍Document the architecture and technical solution decisions in a common source of truth location 📍Ensure that our products do not depend on unstable and immature external libraries 📍Evaluate and select appropriate software or hardware and suggest integration methods 📍Select appropriate solutions to problems 📍Be conscious of the costs of architectural decisions and take these costs into account when jointly making important decisions. 📍Manage and evolve legacy solutions and integrate with legacy technology when appropriate.


📍Acquire a deep technical understanding of problems and solution spaces. 📍Maintain a firm and updated grasp of CS and Engineering techniques. 📍Review literature and learn new topics relevant to the problems that must be solved. 📍Know the limitations of your knowledge and experience to know when to learn more or when to look for outside expertise.

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