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Sr. Cybersecurity Analyst
5 months ago | 1053 views | 3 applications

Sr. Cybersecurity Analyst


About the company

In the new and exciting world of the decentralized internet, otherwise known as Web3, it is an individual’s fundamental right to own and control their digital identity. To ensure that the individual is paramount in Web3, we are developing products and infrastructure to enable everyone to safely engage, take part, and transact in the emerging, decentralized world of the internet. Our platform centers on Web3 Identity and leverages that identity to provide individuals with secure digital asset storage and recovery, the ability to prove ownership of their creations, and gateways to digital interactions and experiences – all to empower and benefit every Web3 user. We believe that the decentralized nature of Web3 creates an opportunity for everyone to challenge the digital status quo—to own and control their identity, data, finances, creations, and future. This is the chance to get it right – to rally a movement of individuals so Web3 belongs to everyone, not to trillion-dollar companies. To fulfill this vision, we are seeking dynamic people who want to join us in leading the way to this new world.

Job Summary


📍The Senior Cybersecurity Analyst provides expertise in cybersecurity analysis of data from vulnerability management, threat, monitoring systems, and security tools. In this role, you bring professionalism and business focus to effectively utilize and support multiple technologies focused on the network, system, and application levels of modern computing environments. Additionally, you will be involved in several different computing environments, including data centers, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services, as well as productivity suites such as Microsoft 365. Duties include but are not limited to:

📍Performing cybersecurity tool administration and production support of technologies and processes used to enable a high degree of cybersecurity effectiveness. 📍Participating in technical design reviews, integration, testing, and documentation work. 📍Running vulnerability scanning tools, access administration technologies, intrusion prevention tools, firewalls, anti-malware, endpoint encryption, detection/response tools, web application firewalls, logging, and security event and incident management technologies. 📍Applying system security administration principles to deliver effective solutions to operating systems, cloud infrastructure, and embedded device administration. 📍Identifying threats and developing suitable defense measures, evaluating system changes for security implications, recommending enhancements, researching, drafting cyber security processes, and running books. 📍Configuring Windows and Linux host-based security and network and cloud-based security systems. 📍Supporting with the installation and configuration of network security architectures, including firewalls, router ACLs (Access Control Lists), web content filters multi-tier architectures. 📍Observing, analyzing, and responding to Intrusion Prevention/Detection System (IDS/IPS) cues and anti-malware alerts. 📍Researching security vulnerability countermeasures. 📍Assisting our company with achieving and maintaining compliance with various information security frameworks (i.e. NIST, SOC2, ISO 27001, etc.) and with industry and government rules and regulations.


📍To succeed in this role, you have experience operating and working with security solutions such as Security Information and Event (SIEM)/ Log Management, Identity Access Management, IDS/IPS, Vulnerability Management, EDR, MFA, Content Screening. You have experience working with VPCs, Containers, Kubernetes, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Guard Duty, Inspector, Detective, and Containers. 📍📍You have IT administration experience with Windows, MacOS, and *nix operating systems, network infrastructure, data storage and backup, middleware in a distributed computing environment, and /or database implementation and administration. You are familiar with security frameworks such as NIST, CIS, ISO, and CMMC. You have broad experience in vulnerability assessment, event analysis, incident management, and threat identification. The evaluation process for this role will emphasize experience applying broad best practices to real-world situations and pressures

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