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Software Engineering Intern
3 months ago | 528 views | 2 applications

Software Engineering Intern

San Francisco

About the company

Caldera enables dynamic, scalable blockchain experiences. Currently, dapps that are deployed to general-purpose blockchain compete with thousands of other applications for space on the network — this can lead to congestion and high fees or even network outages. That’s where we come in. We’re building software that makes it easy for the most innovative blockchain applications to launch their own ultra-performant blockchains (rollups), enabling applications to own their ecosystem, scale to millions of users, and provide a superior user experience to their users. We’re located in San Francisco, and work in-person from the Financial District

Job Summary

You might be a fit for this role if you check some of these boxes...

📍Have strong experience with the modern web stack. You’ve shipped apps built using technologies like Typescript, React, GraphQL, and Node. 📍Have a deep knowledge of Go, Rust or similar languages 📍Have experience working with distributed or embedded systems before 📍Take pride in building performant, well-designed, and accessible web products 📍Have experience building complex, full-stack web applications 📍Enjoy thinking from the perspective of the user, are opinionated about product decisions, and love to build products that users love

Bonus points if you...

📍Are a passionate user of web3 apps 📍Have built Ethereum “dapps” with Solidity or Yul 📍Have used ethereum client libraries (eg. ethers.js or web3.js) in the past 📍Are familiar with how blockchains like Ethereum or Bitcoin work under the hood 📍Are up-to-date with Ethereum scaling solutions such as sidechains or rollups 📍Have significant open-source contributions, especially in frontend frameworks, web servers, UI libraries, or other web technologies

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