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Arrakis Finance
Senior Web3 Backend Engineer Node.js
24 days ago | 115 views | Be the first one to apply

Senior Web3 Backend Engineer Node.js

Per year
$38,000 To $54,000

About the company

Arrakis aims to disrupt the current market-making industry by providing the infrastructure to enable every project in the world that wants to launch a token to benefit from non-custodial, trust-less, and automated on-chain market-making strategies. We believe in a world where every organization, from a small startup to a large enterprise, will be tokenized and traded on-chain. For this world, Arrakis is building the tools to create the necessary liquidity to enable this token economy to rival and out-compete the traditional financial industry.

Job Summary

Key responsibilities:

📍Design and develop scalable Web3 backend APIs, enabling seamless interaction between backend and frontend applications and the blockchain, ensuring high availability and performance for millions of users worldwide. 📍Develop and maintain backend services for smart contract interaction, ensuring seamless integration and communication between smart contracts and the application layer. Focus on creating robust APIs and middleware that facilitate secure and efficient interactions with the blockchain, handling tasks such as event listening, transaction processing, and on-chain data retrieval. 📍Specialize in smart contract lifecycle management, from writing and deploying smart contracts to conducting automated testing and security audits. Ensure the reliability and security of smart contracts through rigorous validation processes, upgrades, and optimizations to support flawless execution on the blockchain. 📍Optimize blockchain data processing, implementing efficient methods for ingesting, storing, and querying on-chain data to support real-time analytics and user-facing applications. 📍Collaborate on cross-functional projects, working closely with front-end developers and product teams to integrate blockchain functionalities into user-centric applications, enhancing overall user experience. 📍Implement best practices for blockchain security, staying ahead of the latest in smart contract vulnerabilities, and employing rigorous security measures and auditing processes to safeguard all deployed contracts and back-end systems. 📍Advance our infrastructure-as-code approach, taking a hands-on role in the continuous integration and delivery pipelines, ensuring that all back-end services are scalable, reliable, and secure. 📍Drive innovation in Web3 technologies, researching and integrating new blockchain protocols and tools to keep the platform at the cutting edge of decentralized applications.


📍5 years experience with Node.js 📍3 years experience with Web3 libraries and b/e development (e.g. ethers.js, web3.js) 📍2 years of experience writing and interacting with smart contracts (Solidity, Hardhat, Foundry) 📍1 year of experience working in defi 📍5 years experience with highly scalable Web API engineering 📍Strong knowledge about the inner workings of the EVM 📍Knowledge of Uniswap V3 and Uniswap V4 📍You can work with high autonomy from research, spec, implementation, deployment, monitoring and patching your code

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