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Senior Solidity Engineer
over 1 year ago | 1026 views | 13 applications

Senior Solidity Engineer

Canada, New York, Remote, United States
Per year
$200,000 To $250,000

About the company

Monad gives developers the best of both worlds. Our new blockchain is built to process 10,000 tps with 1s block times and instantaneous finality... all while preserving full EVM compatibility for apps and infrastructure. We're building the foundation for a world of mass crypto adoption with a mission to support devs building dApps that will change the world.

Job Summary

We are looking for a Senior Solidity Engineer to join our core team. Your work will include the design, implementation, and deployment of critical infrastructure powering the Monad blockchain.

You will contribute to development of major projects with a smart contract component, such as bridges, order books, staking, and NFT minting services.

You’ll contribute to design, development, testing, and deployment of these new features. You’ll make critical decisions on security and maintainability. Your work will power components with billions of dollars of TVL; as such, you’ll need to maintain exceptional focus in defining invariants and defending against attacks.

You’ll also contribute to design and development of new VM features that enable developers to build more powerful dapps. The smart contracts you develop will serve as initial use cases for new features that we are pioneering in the Monad VM, which supports and extends the EVM.


Required prior experience:

3+ years of smart contract development including production deployments of original protocols Extensive knowledge of Solidity and the EVM Extensive knowledge of smart contract security and common pitfalls (e.g. you understand the cause of all historical reentrancy attacks and other vulnerabilities) Extensive experience with proper deployment and security practices Experience writing extensive unit and integration tests Required personal attributes:

Extreme attention to detail Auditor/hacker mindset Low ego Independence Extremely strong work ethic Ambition/desire to make a massive impact Enthusiasm for Monad’s mission of helping decentralization scale Bonuses:

Experience with auditing smart contracts Earned bug bounties Experience building and managing a protocol with significant TVL is a plus Experience writing high-performance C++ What you’ll be doing

You’ll contribute to design and development of major projects with a smart contract component such as bridges, order books, staking, and NFT minting services. This will draw on your knowledge of existing tools as well as leveraging new primitives in Monad’s VM. You’ll develop rigorous unit and integration tests, and thoroughly consider potential attack vectors You’ll contribute to architectural decisions that maximize security and minimize trust requirements You’ll collaborate with the rest of the team to develop features of the Monad VM You’ll hire other smart contract engineers You’ll mentor junior engineers and interns You’ll think strategically about initiatives or features that will aid in early adoption of the Monad blockchain Why work with us

You’ll work on extremely challenging problems with massive potential impact You’ll work with and learn from a small, exceptional team You’ll receive a competitive salary, along with equity You’ll shape the culture as an early employee and make impactful contributions from day one You’ll be part of a flat, results-driven organization Your work will be extremely impactful in enabling onramps and usage of the Monad blockchain, facilitating adoption by many users. Your work will be deeply impactful, enabling much cheaper and more efficient decentralized computation and ultimately paving the way for new dapps that improve many people’s lives. Working at Monad Labs means doing challenging work on a high-impact problem with exceptional teammates.

Here are some of the people you’ll work with:

James, performance engineering expert and system architect; previously designed and built ultra-low-latency systems for a top high-frequency trading team at Jump Trading; Ariq, expert at low-level firmware and software programming; previously a senior engineer at Arista Networks, where he served as lead maintainer on multiple linux kernel networking drivers for Arista EOS devices; Aashish, expert systems designer and hacker, previously the first engineer at Pattern Research, a leading crypto HFT firm, where he designed and built the entire trading stack from scratch We think you’ll enjoy working with us, and that you’ll find the work to be extremely impactful and challenging.

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