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Mina Foundation
Senior Developer Relations Engineer
3 months ago | 190 views | 1 applications

Senior Developer Relations Engineer


About the company

The Mina Foundation stewards the Mina Protocol - the world's lightest blockchain, powered by participants. Our team is remote, and funded by top investors (including Coinbase Ventures, Polychain, Metastable, and Three Arrows). The Mina Foundation is overseen by a stellar team of directors who are industry-leading experts. Mina Foundation seeks an experienced Operations and Project Manager with a focus on operations, project and Partner management.

Job Summary

Join the team realizing this vision.

📍Build zkApps (Zero-Knowledge dApps) and demos to help showcase Mina capabilities which the community can leverage. 📍Directly engage with the developer community through meetups, roadshows, boot camps, hackathons, lectures, training, and other education channels. 📍Community Support - Facilitate a great experience with Mina for developers at scale with broad reach channels such as Discord, video conference, Stack Overflow and other forums. 📍Community development - Foster a healthy community globally through user group support, a Community Champions program. 📍Build samples and demos to help showcase Mina capabilities which the community can leverage. 📍Create content to engage the developer audience through blog posts, documentation, videos and social media 📍Develop technical content to simplify development for Mina developer community. 📍Conduct projects that better facilitate the community engagement and activeness 📍Collaborate closely with the Mina Foundation Marketing & Community, Engineering and Product teams. 📍Screen incoming grant applications for technical fit, providing recommendations to applicants as needed. 📍Support grant applicants through screening launch, growth stages by connecting them with relevant teams at Mina ecosystem. 📍Synthesize and share feedback from the developer community with Engineering and Product teams to help Mina improve the product.


📍Leadership skills. Able to lead, manage, and report Developer Relations projects. 📍Lead content initiatives and strategize effective ways of educating the developer community. 📍2-3 years’ of software engineering experience in one of the following languages: Javascript, Typescript, Java, Python 📍Experience in a developer relations, developer education role. 📍Development skills - A Computer Science degree, or equivalent, 2+ years of blockchain development experience. 📍Presenting skills - The ability to present complex technical ideas to developers and often non-technical audiences. 📍Education skills – The ability to craft educational/training content. 📍Data-driven decisions – eager to experiment with new ways to help our developer learn our products faster. 📍Curiosity - Experience of working with blockchain is not essential but a demonstrated curiosity about the technology and its impact are critical. 📍Ability to travel - The developer relations team spends 30% of the time on the road globally. 📍Excellent written and verbal communication 📍This is a remote role but you MUST be in the EU timezone

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