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Senior Cryptography Engineer
about 1 month ago | 201 views | 2 applications

Senior Cryptography Engineer

Per year
$72 To $87,000

About the company

Copper is a digital asset technology company dedicated to helping institutional investors safely acquire, trade, and store crypto assets. Built and led by Dmitry Tokarev, a software and financial engineering specialist, the firm provides a comprehensive suite of custody, trading and settlement solutions that reduce counterparty risk and bring greater capital and operational efficiency to digital asset markets. At the heart of Copper's offering is Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology – the gold standard in secure custody. Copper’s multi-award winning custody system is unique in that it can be connected to centralised exchanges, DeFi applications and even staking pools without the assets leaving the custody. Built on top of this state-of-the-art custody, ClearLoop™ is the first solution in the market that overcomes a growing industry challenge; counterparty risk with exchanges. This solution underpins a full prime services offering, connecting global exchanges and enabling customers to trade and settle directly from the safety of their MPC-secured wallets. By reducing settlement time for transfers to a few milliseconds (without blockchain network dependency) and offering enhanced security measures, ClearLoop™ is rapidly reshaping the way asset managers trade and manage capital. In addition to industry-leading security certifications, Copper has one of the strongest insurance coverages in the industry from an A+ rated insurer, positioning the firm as the partner of choice for institutions seeking to safeguard their assets.

Job Summary

Key Responsibilities of the role

📍You will conduct cryptography literature review, select relevant papers, and produce a specification and pseudocode from the paper(s). 📍If situation demands it, you will produce original peer-reviewed research in close collaboration with academia. 📍You will implement cryptography specifications into secure, production-level code. 📍You will integrate cryptography primitives into Copper’s internal MPC framework. 📍You will participate in the design and implementation of Copper’s next generation MPC framework. 📍You will interact with auditors and academia, as well as cryptographers on the client side. 📍You will provide cryptography support for other Copper development teams. 📍Your experience, skills and knowledge

This role is right for you if:

📍You have a strong foundation in modern/provable cryptography. 📍You consider yourself an applied cryptographer who doesn’t shy away from implementing your constructions. 📍You learn new things quickly and can context switch. 📍You are interested in a unique intersection between academia and industry wherein you will be working with both theory and real-world implementations and shifting between the two regularly as needed.

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