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Senior Blockchain DevOps Engineer
over 1 year ago | 1256 views | 6 applications

About the company

InterOpera is building an interoperable layer 1 network using proprietary RDOS (Regulated Defi Operating System) to directly interconnect investors. RDOS is a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) product of the interoperable blockchain infrastructure for capital markets participants (Governments, Financial Institutions, and Investors). RDOS acts as a gateway to unlock and enable blockchain-based efficiency within the current regulatory and securitization framework via smart contracts. As the ultimate middle-layer product for market participants, RDOS improves efficiency for participants of the existing system without sacrificing investor protections. RDOS contributes to financial inclusion by: 1) enhancing market accessibility, 2) enabling legal ownership of tokenized assets, and 3) reducing transaction costs in the long run.

Job Summary

About the role

Are you interested in creating the future of capital markets by helping to develop interoperable blockchain infrastructure? InterOpera is building an interoperable layer 1 network (bridge/hub chain) which can interconnect both private and public chains.

Join our team to develop specialist expertise and help realize the true potential of blockchains and Web 3.0.

Your primary focus will be working on the deployment and infrastructure related to Cosmos-based blockchain applications.

Details and requirements for this role are described below.

Your key responsibilities

You will be working in a highly collaborative team providing your expertise to assist in managing the CI/CD pipelines of the development team whilst advising and assisting in the deployment and configuration of production implementation of InterOpera blockchain nodes and products.

You will work closely with the development team, product managers and product owners to architect the appropriate infrastructure for the deployment of our applications to major Cloud enterprise providers.

You will be responsible for ensuring the infrastructure has been configured in accordance with InterOpera and clients’ information security controls and protocols, privacy and policies or specified requirements.

You will also be responsible for creating appropriate dashboards, log management, backup and monitoring systems to facilitate the maintenance and management of software deployed and any integration with the InterOpera infrastructure.

For deployments, you will be responsible for ensuring deliverables are delivered on-time, according to scope and in-spec; and establish performance and benchmarks as required.

You will work in an Agile environment using modern Cloud and web/application tools such as docker, Kubernetes, helm, terraform etc.

You will be expected, within a short ramp-up period, to make major contributions to the product and development team specifically, with respect to the usage and deployment of following technologies:

Docker/Kubernetes/Bash/Linux NoSql & SQL (MongoDb/Postgres) Graphql Kafka/Zookeeper Ethereum Clients (Geth, Besu, Erigon ..) Cosmos SDK / Golang Nginx To qualify for the role you must have

Previous experience as an application developer (5+ years) You have experience with microservice, event driven architecture and in the implementation of prudent design and architecture principles to enhance product-scalability and extensibility.

Experience with:

Kubernetes/Docker/Helm - ideally you should have sufficient experience with K8s (and should have passed or should be able to pass linux foundation certification as any and/or all of CKA/CKAD/CKS certification) CI/CD Pipelines Apache Kafka/Rabbit MQ Deployment of databases such as Postgresql/Mongodb Active Directory and Other External Oauth providers

Nice to have:

Experience with architecting SaaS and PaaS applications Blockchain deployment experience Terraform Hashicorp Knowledge and experience deploying production applications with major cloud providers such as Azure, AWS, and GCP Skills and attributes for success

You must be able to work independently and autonomously with strategic guidance or direction. At the same time, being collaborative, you will reach out to teammates and other technology specialists as you see the opportunity to move the projects forward. You understand that being a highly skilled developer you are continuously learning and exploring new tools and technologies.

You know how to work effectively in a remote environment, but when circumstances permit, you have no difficulty working in the company's offices several days a week as the collaboration requires.

You enjoy mentoring and coaching. You have side projects and/or direct experience working with blockchains and have a good understanding of the principles of cryptography, consensus, and blockchain design. You have extensive experience with open-source software. You have an undergraduate university or college degree in computer science or a related discipline. You have sample code available and or a github repo that highlights your coding /scripting capabilities.

What we look for

We're interested in passionate leaders with a strong vision and a desire to stay on top of trends in the technology space. If you have a strong passion for helping businesses achieve their IT strategy, this role is for you.

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