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Senior IT Project Manager
3 months ago | 231 views | 1 applications

Senior IT Project Manager

Per year
$65,000 To $115,000

About the company

HealthVerity synchronizes transformational technologies with the nation’s largest healthcare and consumer data ecosystem to power previously unattainable outcomes and fundamentally advance the science. We offer a comprehensive, yet flexible approach, based on the foundational elements of Identity, Privacy, Governance and Exchange (IPGE), that synchronizes unparalleled Identity management with built-in Privacy compliance and Governance, providing the ability to discover and Exchange a near limitless combination of data at a record pace. Together with our partners in life sciences, government and insurance, we are Synchronizing the Science. To learn more about HealthVerity, visit

Job Summary

What you will do

📍Leads several business critical teams, multiple large projects, and/or a large multi-project (team) program. 📍Manages enterprise processes and managing strategic end to end business flows.
📍Leads critical PMO processes and workflows that support the business.
📍Identifies issues/risks and implement mitigation/resolution plans. 📍Works independently managing cross-team process and project deliverables to insure their successful competition utilizing critical path, alternate scenario, and remediation/mitigation techniques. 📍Leads both hybrid team meetings and agile ceremonies. Hybrid - requirement gathering, problem solving, prioritization, status, customer-facing, stage-gate reviews, and post implementation reviews. Agile - backlog grooming, sprint planning, daily scrum standup, sprint review, and retrospective. 📍Maintains consistency and compliance to the standards of the PMO and actively works with other PMs to improve those standards. 📍Prioritizes work efforts on projects and for teams. Defines/refines the scope of work, estimates effort and cost, further defines deliverables, and maintains all artifacts. 📍 Determines resource requirements, and is able to recommend the necessary roles based on a staffing estimate and schedule. 📍Efficiently assigns tasks and provides direction to team members including the identification, scheduling, assignment, and tracking of the tasks. 📍Ensures that all team members understand their role, expected deliverables, and task completion dates. Proactively resolves dependencies and constraints with other work efforts and activities. 📍Monitors project milestones, critical dates, and dependencies to identify potential issues that could jeopardize the project schedule. Implements strategies to resolve schedule issues. Keeps all levels of leadership aware of the major risks and issues. 📍Proactively manages to mitigate or resolve any negative effects on milestones and deliverables. 📍Assesses variances from the plan and reports major variances to all stakeholders with an appropriate action plan. Follows all escalation processes to ensure key decision makers and stakeholders are informed. Analyzes them and implements schedule, resource, or scope changes to ensure that the project remains within specified scope, schedule, and budget. 📍Reports status in multiple formats to leadership and to all stakeholders on the progress of the work/project on a regular basis. Solicited feedback from stakeholders to present information in the most effective manner within the guidelines of the PMO.
📍 Initiates and manages sub-projects to implement related/dependant components and/or process improvements. 📍Develops team members by providing constructive feedback as it pertains to their performance in completing assignments. Works with the team to integrate areas of overall improvement into the process/project life cycle. 📍Develops and enhances productive working relationships with core team members, leadership, SMEs, vendors, and customers. 📍Establish the foundation for a culture of accountability, responsiveness, flexibility and results. 📍Initiates positive change implementing practice and process (business & project) upgrades.
📍Leads and/or participates in other team, project, and PMO assignments as necessary.

Required skills and experience

📍5+ years of practical experience in software project and process management, 7+ years of technical leadership 📍Demonstrates a skilled knowledge and experience managing throughout the project and process life cycles including planning (work plan, milestones, effort), progress management, work estimation, task management, process upgrades, team development, risk, issue, and change management 📍Experienced practitioner of project and process management methodology, tools (MS Project, Smart Sheets, Jira, Confluence), and technics (Waterfall, Iterative, Agile, Kanban) assists in creating and utilizes standard artifacts and processes 📍Expert in leading both hybrid and agile teams including all meeting types and ceremonies 📍Experience managing several medium-sized or multiple large complex software or customer delivery projects and/or large multi-team programs 📍Works independently managing process and project deliverables cross-team to ensure successful competition utilizing critical path, alternate scenario and remediation/mitigation techniques 📍 Demonstrated strong problem solving, risk assessment and negotiation skills with experience in managing dependencies 📍Track record of implementing practice and process (business & project) upgrades

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