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Mira Search
Sales Lead
3 months ago | 239 views | 4 applications

About the company

Simplifying HR for companies. We're committed to delivering ideal talent matches, comprehensive HR solutions, and fostering a culture of expertise and transparency.

Job Summary


📍Develop and implement an effective sales structure for the GCC region. 📍Analyze market trends to drive business growth in FMCG. 📍Independently plan and execute business trips for relationship building. 📍Maintain 24/7 availability to address urgent matters and support the sales team. 📍Demonstrate ethical conduct, fostering a positive work environment. 📍Proactively contribute to a collaborative work atmosphere.


📍Proven experience in FMCG sales, with a track record of successful team management. 📍Strong analytical and strategic planning skills. 📍Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. 📍Fluency in English is essential.

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