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Research Scientist - Generative Foundation Models Luma
at LumaAi
4 months ago | 526 views | 1 applications

Research Scientist - Generative Foundation Models Luma

United States

About the company

We believe that multimodality is critical for intelligence. To go beyond language models and build more aware, capable and useful systems, the next step function change will come from vision. So, we are working on training and scaling up multimodal foundation models for systems that can see and understand, show and explain, and eventually interact with our world to effect change. We will deploy these systems to make a new kind of intelligent creative partner that can imagine with us. Free and away from the pressure of being creative. It's for all of us whose imaginations have been constrained, who've had to channel vivid dreams through broken words, hoping others will see what we see in our mind's eye. A partner that can help us show — not just tell.

Job Summary

Startup Mindset

📍Value velocity and execution. 📍Communicate clearly. 📍Focus on building what will matter to users and the product. 📍Be resourceful at finding creative ways to overcome challenges.


📍Academic or industry research experience with training generative models, especially diffusion models or GANs 📍Experience with large-scale distributed training and/or data collection is a plus 📍Strong first principles understanding of machine learning 📍Proficiency in Python and PyTorch 📍Experience in preparing and training large datasets

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