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Matter Labs
Research Internship
6 months ago | 1266 views | 45 applications

Research Internship

Per year
$90,000 To $102,000

About the company

Scaling Ethereum with Zero Knowledge Proofs.

Job Summary

What You'll Be Doing

📍As part of your role, you will engage in conducting experiments, collaborating with academics and engineers, generating innovative ideas, and determining ways to enhance the current state of the field. 📍This involves keeping up with the latest research published in papers and staying informed about the advancements made by dynamic startups operating in our domain. Typically, we appreciate the emergence of research papers resulting from internships at the PhD level.

What We Look For in You

📍We are seeking individuals who possess pertinent expertise, as evident from their recent research outcomes like papers, and who are also enthusiastic about tackling challenges head-on until a solution is found. We are interested in individuals who strike a balance between academic excellence and a practical mindset. Working at Matter Labs

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