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Recruiter AI Web3
at Sahara
22 days ago | 109 views | Be the first one to apply

Recruiter AI Web3

Per year
$87,000 To $112,000

About the company

Sahara is a decentralized AI network that unlocks fair and universal access to global knowledge capital. Through its suite of trustless, permissionless, and privacy-preserving AI products, Sahara empowers individuals and businesses with unparalleled opportunities for leveraging, utilizing, and monetizing their knowledge capital. Sahara has secured the backing of prominent Web3 and AI investors, including Polychain Capital, Sequoia Capital, Matrix Partners, Samsung Next, and many more.

Job Summary

Key Responsibilities:

📍Full-Cycle Talent Acquisition and Management: Oversee the entire process from developing recruitment strategies to negotiating compensation. Ensure a smooth, positive experience for candidates. This includes: 📍Talent Acquisition: Develop and implement innovative strategies to attract top talent in Web3 and AI, helping to build a talent pipeline of best-in-class candidates. 📍Candidate Sourcing: Utilize various methods, such as social media, job boards, networking events, and industry conferences, to identify potential candidates. 📍Candidate Screening and Interviews: Carry out initial screening calls to assess candidate suitability, coordinate interview scheduling with hiring managers, and maintain effective communication. 📍Employer Branding: Actively engage with the tech community to position Sahara as an employer of choice and enhance our employer brand. 📍Stakeholder Collaboration: Work closely with hiring managers and leadership to understand staffing needs, define job requirements, and align hiring objectives. 📍Data-Driven Recruitment: Monitor and analyze recruitment metrics to refine strategies, optimize processes, and offer insights to the leadership team. 📍Compliance: Ensure all hiring practices comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Minimum Qualifications

📍Experience: At least 3 years of successful recruitment experience, preferably in tech startups or high-growth environments. Previous experience in Web3 and AI sectors is a bonus. 📍Education: A Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or a related field, or equivalent experience. 📍Data-Driven Approach: Familiarity with ATS and CRM systems, with the ability to use data-driven insights to develop and report on pipeline health and key talent acquisition metrics, and optimize the recruitment process. 📍Passion for Web3 / AI: A genuine interest in Web3 and AI technologies, market trends, and industry best practices. 📍Attributes: High level of initiative, agility, the ability to work independently in a remote setting, strong organizational skills, and a results-oriented mindset.

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