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Protocol Engineer
4 months ago | 444 views | 2 applications

Protocol Engineer


About the company

*Scroll has a remote-first work culture, our staff base is globally distributed and we are location agnostic. We make hiring decisions based on talent, culture fit and role suitability. If you have the skills and experience requested by this job description then please APPLY! At Scroll, we operate on the bleeding edge of a fast-moving frontier of zk technology, research and innovation. The Application Security Engineer will be responsible for improving the zkEVM-based zkRollup security, ensuring that Scroll is one of the safest Layer 2’s for projects and users. The role is ideal for an individual who thrives in a start-up environment, a self-starter that is dynamic and comfortable to take on responsibilities and can work effectively within a remote setup.

Job Summary

About the Job

📍We’re hiring a Protocol Engineer to serve as a foundational member of a new Protocol team, dedicated to keeping Scroll at the very forefront of blockchain and Ethereum innovation. 📍This hire will own and lead projects that ensure Scroll continues to differentiate itself, and pushes the boundaries of zkRollup technology. 📍The Protocol Engineer will design and implement features in production, and will contribute to and have a massive impact upon the broader Ethereum ecosystem. 📍You will work at the forefront of the industry, on massively complex problems, like decentralizing the sequencer. 📍You will do it alongside other deeply driven technical minds, in a culture defined by and dedicated to autonomy, ownership and openness. 📍And you will have the chance to collaborate externally with thinkers and researchers in academia and other leading blockchain organizations. 📍This is a fully remote job.


📍Demonstrated ability to design and implement new, production-ready, open-source blockchain protocol projects using Golang or Rust and good understanding of Solidity. For instance, by having contributed to Ethereum, authored and implemented EIPs, published/commented on, pushed PRs to nodes like geth or Lighthouse, EF fellowship, and/or written academic papers, etc. 📍You take ownership, and operate proactively, independently, and with openness and transparency. 📍Confident but humble and low ego, your excitement over learning complex concepts motivates and inspires others. 📍You enjoy collaborating with others and excel at communicating with them, asynchronously and across cultures. You speak and write (documentation and specs, as well as on Slack), clearly and concisely. 📍Excellent coding standards (distributed systems, open source, correct and performant code, good developer practices, effective use of Notion/GitHub, performance profiling, optimization, correct + robust + maintainable code).

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