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Wormhole Labs
Project Manager
5 months ago | 524 views | 27 applications

Project Manager

Per year
$54,000 To $90,000

About the company

Wormhole Labs is a technology company that specializes in building products, tools, and reference implementations to expand the cross-chain ecosystem. We’re committed to open-source development and laying down the paths for a connected decentralized world. We are an independent contributor to the Wormhole protocol - the industry’s first interoperability protocol. Since launch, it has supported hundreds of projects across 30+ networks, facilitated the transfer of over $30+ billion in value, and has processed close to a billion messages. Wormhole’s technology has been adopted by industry-leading companies like Uniswap, Synthetix, Lido, Pyth, Threshold, and many more. Join us at Wormhole Labs and help shape the future of interoperability.

Job Summary

What you will do

📍Work closely with stakeholders to create and implement organizational processes for your work streams 📍Help define project goals, monitor and track project progress, set deadlines, solve issues that arise, manage expenses as required, ensure stakeholder satisfaction, and give progress reports. 📍Manage a diverse set of internal and external projects from start to finish, ensuring the work gets done efficiently and satisfactorily, and that the work is logged and tracked. 📍Contribute to internal operations ranging from building and organizing organizational systems in Notion, Ramp, Rippling, and CRM software (like Clickup, Hubspot etc). 📍Manage client and partner relationships, and drive important outcomes for the business.

The right candidate will

📍Have 3-5 years of previous experience in project management. Have experience building and implementing organizational systems. Be able to show and defend a strong track record of performance. 📍Ideally have a PMP certification, or equivalent experience in developing project management expertise. 📍Be collaborative. Your work cannot be done in a vacuum and will require a strong desire to work in functional teams, take input, and keep moving outcomes forward. 📍Be opportunity seeking. They will not just wait for direction from their manager, but instead constantly be looking for ways in which they can add value, solve problems, make their teammates’ lives better, and ultimately draw attention to issues they believe are underserved.

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