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General Magic
Project Manager
over 1 year ago | 1117 views | 12 applications

Project Manager

Europe, North America, South America, Remote

About the company

The General Magic is composed of four organizations. Our mission is to build the future of giving; to connect people, ideas and resources by building free, open-source decentralized applications to bridge the non-profit and blockchain worlds. We are creating an interface between the prosocial, value-driven, collective-focused magic-makers of the world and the revolutionary funding streams that the crypto space, especially Ethereum, have opened up. We are dedicated to building systems that appreciate value creation in the care work and stewardship of Public Goods which is currently under-appreciated in our global economy.

Job Summary

Who are we looking for? We need an experienced Project Manager working in web3 and blockchain concepts. The finest candidate has innovative ideas and effective communication skills to increase value, efficiency, and quality in our organization. You’ll be proactive and contribute your expertise on project management methodologies. To succeed in this role you must:

Advocate for transparency, efficiency, and data-informed decision-making processes. Understand the nuances of team dynamics and task processes; with the goal of group collaboration and consensus. Be financially savvy in budgeting and managing costs. Be an exceptional communicator of technical solutions and work tasks. Be adept at using a range of digital systems, applications, software, and websites Understand Open Source development and past experience PMing software-focused projects. Be adaptable for unpredictable obstacles and personnel issues. Be a naturally empathic, supportive and organized team leader. Be comfortable with accepting, giving and applying constructive criticism. Maintain a flexible schedule, as our team navigates time zones all over the world. Be fluent in written and verbal English. Maintain confidentiality. Crypto-curious! Crypto experience preferred.

Job Requirements

Job Tasks Be the point of contact for key clients (the bridge between the development and implementation of projects) Monitor project budget spending, keep stakeholders updated on progress and escalate any risks. Work closely with colleagues in different teams communication, design, development, and marketing. Bridge project requirements, create a cohesive approach and deliver excellent user experience. Utilize a user-centric approach to discovery, using research to test assumptions and validate requirements. Regularly review processes and evaluate results. Develop project briefs, reports, and status updates - to share internally and externally. Create the roadmap to guide the trajectory of the product; from conception through design and into wide release. Be the face and comfortable talking to clients, basic client relations.

Qualifications 2+ years of project management and related experience. Strong familiarity with digital project management software tools, methodologies, and best practices. Has previous experience in software projects Excellent and up-to-date grasp of digital technologies, user experience design and research techniques and the effective use cases. We value your proactive contribution, methodology expertise and keen ability of project management. To acknowledge your exceptional value to the team, and to also sweeten the deal, we offer these incentives:

Pay and Perks Competitive salary, with higher salary available for those with corporate experience. Freedom of a flexible work schedule. Work in the remote location of your choice; ideally between Europe, North America, and South America. Crypto payment. Additional compensation package of tokens - reap the rewards of what you help create! Flexible vacation time - because the personal/work life balance matters.

The ecosystem of decentralized technology is quickly expanding in Blockchain, Web3, Open Source, and future unknown tools. If you value exponential professional growth and learning about new technologies and initiatives every day while contributing to the greater good; this position is for you. We look forward to meeting you and creating a new world of decentralized infrastructure together.

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