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Mira Search
Narrative designer
22 days ago | 95 views | Be the first one to apply

Narrative designer


About the company

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Job Summary

What is to be done:

📍Developing the narrative of the locations and ensuring the integrity of the world, drawing on the game's ENT; 📍Making changes, additions and innovations to the game's ENT in cooperation with game designers; 📍Working closely with the GD department when working out routes and quest chains; 📍In-depth study of the culture of the inhabitants and urbanity of US cities and drafting documentation for artists based on the studied data; 📍Close cooperation with art, level-design and sound-design teams in working on locations, setting TOR and controlling compliance with the rules of urbanism of the respective city; 📍Analyzing the locations of the current map to improve it.


📍Experience in successful commercial narrative development for mobile/PC games; 📍Excellent knowledge of US culture and urbanism; 📍Ability to create engaging and organic game locations; 📍Understanding of basic screenwriting; 📍Ability to succinctly communicate thoughts and ideas in documentation and verbally; 📍Extensive gaming experience in OpenWorld projects; 📍Attention to detail.

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