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Cake Group
Legal and Compliance Specialist
3 months ago | 658 views | 7 applications

Legal and Compliance Specialist

Per year
$87,000 To $117,000

About the company

Founded in 2019, Cake Group (“Cake”) is one of the fastest growing digital assets innovators. Cake empowers investors to generate returns on their digital assets through decentralized finance (DeFi) services and applications in a secure and transparent way. Cake operates four core businesses, including its retail arm, Bake, and its institutional arm, Levain. Birthday Research is our research and development arm, while Whisk is our venture capital arm. Bake is a one-stop platform that provides retail investors easy access to DeFi services and applications, empowering them to generate returns on their cryptocurrencies in a secure and transparent way. Levain offers institutions a secure gateway to DeFi, empowering them to personally manage their digital assets through self-custodial technology and instant multi-chain access to DeFi protocols—all in a transparent and secure manner. Birthday Research focuses on developing best-in-class blockchain and digital asset technologies through open-source blockchain research and development. Its aim is to allow DeFi to be leveraged by enterprises in a trustworthy, safe, and compliant manner. We want to transform and decentralise finance with tomorrow’s technology. This is where you come in. Join a company that is at the forefront of bleeding-edge innovations in the blockchain world. You will be empowered to push boundaries and think out of the box. You will get to work with a bunch of ridiculously motivated and talented people. And most importantly, you'll have fun. The best places to work at, are often also the most fun to work at. That's us. We hire based on merit, fit, and strong alignment to our culture. Our culture is defined by 7 team principles: Integrity, Resourcefulness, Ownership, Meritocratic Decision-making, Customer Obsession, Radical Candour, and Passion. These 7 principles guide our company, our people, and our work. At Cake Group, our culture is our pride. It has been instrumental to our success, so we are steadfast in our commitment to it. We welcome you to add to it.

Job Summary

What you'll do:

📍Serve as a paralegal, managing essential corporate secretarial duties, including drafting and arranging for the execution of board and shareholder resolutions in Singapore, and liaising/instructing overseas corporate secretarial providers for group companies, and maintaining meticulous corporate records. 📍Support the compliance team in Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and transaction monitoring (KYT) operations, conducting thorough due diligence for new and existing clients within the crypto industry. 📍Engage actively with the compliance framework, ensuring adherence to anti-money laundering (AML) regulations and assisting with KYC procedures tailored to the unique demands of cryptocurrency transactions. 📍Demonstrate a proactive approach to learning and understanding crypto-specific KYC processes and regulations, as well as the crypto industry as a whole. 📍Collaborate with the legal team in potential litigation matters, providing support and leveraging any litigation experience to benefit the company. 📍Stay abreast of evolving crypto regulations and compliance requirements, applying this knowledge to enhance our internal policies and operational procedures.

What you’ll need:

📍A minimum of 3 years of experience in a legal and/or compliance role within the financial services, banking, or cryptocurrency sector. 📍Hands-on exposure to cryptocurrency, either through personal dealings or professional experience, is essential for understanding the nuances of our industry. 📍Demonstrated ability to stay organized and handle multiple responsibilities in a paralegal capacity, ensuring the smooth operation of the legal team. 📍A track record of managing corporate governance duties with precision and expertise. 📍A genuine interest in and willingness to deepen knowledge in the field of crypto compliance. 📍Previous experience with KYC and KYT in a crypto or financial setting is highly beneficial. 📍Litigation experience is desirable but not essential. 📍Excellent communication skills, capable of simplifying complex legal jargon for diverse audiences. 📍A collaborative mindset, ready to work cross-functionally and contribute to the collective goals of the Legal, Risk, and Compliance team.

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