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Head of Commercial and GTM Enterprise Insights
about 1 month ago | 161 views | Be the first one to apply

Head of Commercial and GTM Enterprise Insights

Per year
$87,000 To $180,000

About the company

We build interconnected user experiences in the metaverse that meaningfully extend the potential of our lives, providing new opportunities for economic, social and cultural change. These fulfilling online experiences thread through our daily lives, enriching multiplayer games, live interactive events, entertainment and social spaces. As companies and individuals around the world move to create, experiment with and participate in increasingly sophisticated immersive experiences, Improbable can be your trusted partner. Drawing on more than a decade of experience, we can provide the necessary infrastructure, technology, people, expertise and insight to help you realise your ambitions, whatever your needs.

Job Summary

Your Opportunity :

📍Develop and oversee sales pipeline: Establish and manage an efficient sales pipeline and processes to ensure a continuous flow of business opportunities. This includes identifying potential clients, qualifying leads, and strategically moving opportunities through the sales stages to close deals. 📍Establish and execute a comprehensive commercial and GTM plan: 📍Align the plan with our company's strategic goals, ensuring it encompasses all aspects of bringing products to market and effectively engaging customers. 📍Lead market analysis: Identify market opportunities and engage with potential customers. Develop strategies to tap into these opportunities and convert them into business growth. 📍Collaborate with product teams: Work closely with the product teams to translate customer needs into product requirements, thereby driving market-centric product evolution. 📍Recruit and mentor GTM team: Build a high-calibre Go-to-Market team, set ambitious sales targets, and develop motivational incentive structures to drive team performance. 📍Oversee contract negotiations and pricing strategies: Manage contract negotiations and develop pricing strategies to maximise profitability and market share. 📍Initiate and manage strategic partnerships: Forge and maintain strategic partnerships that complement and enhance Enterprise Insights's market reach and capabilities. 📍Craft and execute marketing strategy: Develop and implement a marketing strategy that boosts brand awareness, generates leads, and reinforces Enterprise Insights' presence in the market. 📍Drive team performance: Establish and lead a high-performing Commercial and GTM team to achieve and exceed business objectives. 📍Ensure the team is agile, responsive, and aligned with the company's strategic goals.

Why You're Made for This :

📍Bachelor's or preferably Master's degree in Business Administration, Sales, Marketing, or related field. 📍Proven experience in B2B, SaaS sales, and commercial strategy, preferably in a fast-paced startup or corporate innovation setting. 📍Demonstrable expertise in designing and executing effective GTM strategies within the automation and robotics sector. 📍Depth of understanding of B2B customers' nuanced challenges in their end-to-end supply chain. 📍Strong technical acumen with the ability to understand customer needs and articulate them into actionable product enhancements. 📍Entrepreneurial mindset with a history of scaling businesses and driving substantial growth.

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