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Growth Manager
3 months ago | 240 views | 6 applications

Growth Manager

Per year
$18,000 To $47,000

About the company

Streamflow is a token distribution platform. We offer token vesting and payroll solutions on our platform that are trustless, verifiable, decentralized, and real-time. The streaming primitive unlocks efficient and transparent token vesting and payroll for teams on Solana. Category. AppDeFiSPLTools.

Job Summary

Role Prerequisites

📍You are in the arena: A DeFi degen well versed in the on-chain ecosystem of Solana or other competing L1s. You have a solid understanding of the core primitives of DeFi (lending and borrowing, AMMs, LSTs, bridging, etc). 📍Plugged in: You are terminally on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord and live and breathe the current meta. 📍Token pro: You’ve led or significantly contributed to the launch of a token. 📍Long haul: Available for at least the next year. 📍Process Oriented: Strong capacity to establish processes for collecting data and gathering insights 📍Cross-team Communicator: Talented cross-team communicator, confident in challenging and collaborating across the departments 📍Sound marketing delivery skills: Ability to push marketing initiatives from inception, through ideation to execution in a measurable way (i.e. measuring and tracking after the delivery) 📍Team player: Comfortable wearing multiple hats to get the job done 📍Natural Product Marketer: Sound product marketing sense (eg. able to identify marketing opportunities based on new features rolling out)

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