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2 months ago | 6 applications

Remote, Kyiv


$17,998 to $18,000 per year


About Company

We’re — a marketplace where we match you with hand-picked startups from the US and Europe.

Job Description

🍋 Hard skills (junior+ or middle) • Content creation (short form, long form, viral content). A publishing portfolio is a must (it can be your viral posts, Medium articles, or HackerNews threads). • Beginner experience with SimilarWeb, ahref, Google Analytics, and Figma. • Advanced English (writing skills). • 3-5 years of interest & involvement & following any of those functions: growth marketing, product marketing, product management, content marketing. • Engineering & design experience (courses, internships) or engineering education is a big plus. • Miraculous attention to every single detail. 🍋 Soft skills & industry understanding (senior) • You understand how HackerNews,, Product Hunt Discussions, Reddit, AMAs, and Twitter threads work. • You read Elena Verna's Linkedin, listen to Lenny Rachitsky’s podcast, want to join Reforge, learn from IndieHackers posts, and can tell 100 ways to hack the status quo. • You’re an early adapter and you’re deeply passionate about new tech stuff (web 3, AI, Metaverse, crypto) • You deeply understand the product development process (from following PMs or taking Product School courses) • You’re creative. You can make from one article 22 re-used content pieces. • You’re a brutal doer. You can write 10 micro-copies (500 words each) per week. As well, as share it across 20+ distribution channels. Benefits Tools that we use to synchronize: G-suite, Slack, Notion, Jira. Terms: 3 months contract, $1500/month salary. Head of Product Marketing will be the mentor for this awesome person. 🍋 How to apply? 1. Share your writing portfolio + Linkedin profile with me. Get reply. 2. Pass cultural interview. Get feedback. 3. Pass a home assignment (1 page A4 growth writing). Present. 4. Get the offer