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$75,000 TO $150,000 PER YEAR

About Company

Kleros is a decentralized arbitration protocol that uses blockchain, game theory and crowdsourcing to solve a wide range of disputes. The Cooperative Kleros, the company that kickstarted the development of the Kleros protocol, is a widely recognized name in the blockchain and legaltech industries with a highly skilled engineering and research teams. As a fast growing company in a highly innovative industry, Kleros has a wide range of open positions in engineering, management and communications positions. To learn more about Kleros, check our website (kleros.io), read our white paper (kleros.io/assets/whitepaper.pdf) or our book Dispute Revolution (blog.kleros.io/dispute-revolution-the-kleros-handbook-of-decentralized-justice).

Job Description

You will be part of Kleros’ software development team, working closely with the team on open source code. You will develop front ends that bring Kleros to life: write code, participate in code reviews, conduct tests and work with our designers to create clean interfaces. At Kleros we develop many Decentralized Applications (DApps). You will work on core Kleros products like Court, as well as the many peripheral applications we build that interact with Kleros. The blockchain is the source of truth for all of our applications so a lot of the heavy lifting is done in our front end interfaces. You will be working with large volumes of data and problem solving to make the asynchronous nature of the blockchain feel smooth and user friendly. There are also opportunities to get involved with smart contract development and product development. The Ethereum ecosystem is innovating quickly; so above all, you will be learning new things all the time. Some of the responsibilities include: Front-end development using Javascript, Typescript, React and EthersJS. Build fully functional DApps that interact with the Ethereum blockchain and Kleros Court. Take part in the design process and user testing. Taking responsibility for improving and maintaining existing projects. Requirements At least 3 years of experience in EthersJS, React, Javascript and/or Typescript. A previous blockchain experience is not necessarily required but candidates should be able to demonstrate a blockchain interest (read blog posts / scientific articles, tried dapps on mainnets or testnets). You need to deeply understand the mission and product of Kleros. Perks Most of the compensation (2/3) is labelled in fiat and paid in crypto. The remaining (1/3) is labelled in PNK vested over 3 years with a 1 year cliff ensuring you get a stake in the project. We are a cooperative, so as a worker you own part of the company and get voting rights.