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Founding Full-Stack Engineer
at Lore
over 1 year ago | 994 views | 3 applications

Founding Full-Stack Engineer

New York, United States
Per year
$125,000 To $180,000

About the company

Block explorers suck. They load obscure data that requires years of chain nativity to understand intuitively. We don’t believe this standard can persist if Web3 is to progress. None of the promises of the technology or the ethos—transparency and equity in global decision making, data organization, and the potential to change social structures—matter unless they can be accessed. Thus, one of the most immediate problems in web3 that must be solved is extremely poor user experience. This problem is experienced across the entire web3 stack, starting at the core—block data. Mission Lore is building THE semantic search interface for on-chain data. We are doing this by first building a transaction action translator that takes the current standard of block-data (32 bit wallet addresses, random method calls, and indecipherable 0 value transactions when it is abundantly clear that value has been moved) and translates it to a simple English sentence

Job Summary

About You:

You’re chain native. That means you know and understand blockchain data, logic, and structure intuitively as a function of exposure and experience. You’ve had multiple years of experience at early-stage startups (in Web3 or outside) and have been present as they matured and scaled. Or… You’re working and leading a team at Big Tech right now, and looking for a meaningful change. Crypto incumbents included. In either case, you must have created and led small, focused teams across engineering and product. You are a humanitarian—you love reading and discussing ideas Core Responsibilities

Working with the CTO and engineering team to own product-deployment Full-stack product development, with emphasis on product, front-end and API optimization Structuring and delivering on sprint deadlines and goals

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