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Decentralisation Product Manager
at Aztec
about 1 month ago | 162 views | 8 applications

Decentralisation Product Manager

Per year
$76,000 To $104,000

About the company

Aztec builds privacy tooling for public blockchains. We're empowering developers to offer users privacy and scalability leveraging our industry leading zero knowledge technology.

Job Summary

Role responsibilities will include:

📍Ensure the successful launch of Aztec as the first fully decentralized L2. 📍This role is all encompassing and will include: 📍Coordinating a series of decentralized sequencer and prover testnets 📍Coordinating upgrades and AIP processes 📍Coordinating token-economics modeling with BlockScience 📍Contributing to token economics and distribution planning 📍Act as the key decision-maker in defining product requirements and specifications – deeply understanding trade-offs to balance ecosystem needs and technical constraints including: 📍Ensuring the sequencer client is easy to use, documented and released on time for testnets 📍Launching the staking system and ensuring it meets infrastructure providers and network goals 📍Overseeing the design and implementation of SideCar proving protocol with proving ecosystem participants 📍Regularly engage the large community of node operators, infrastructure providers, and builders to gather feedback, drive product improvements, and guide the product roadmap 📍Enable our marketing and partnerships teams to craft messaging for product launches, and provide context and support needed to close relevant partners 📍Working with engineering to provide timely support and address technical issues to ensure seamless onboarding and network operator experience

Required experience

📍Strong technical background or previous experience as a founder 📍5+ years of experience managing or building at a tech company either in an engineering or product role. 📍1-2 years experience working with node operators in the blockchain space 📍A deep understanding of the block production supply chain in the Ethereum space 📍Experience with P2P software 📍A desire to go deep on understanding how Aztec works, and work with cryptographers and engineers 📍A passion for blockchain, it's potential, and what we're trying to achieve

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