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Story Protocol
DeFi Lead
3 months ago | 343 views | 7 applications

DeFi Lead

Per year
$130,000 To $170,000

About the company

Story Protocol is building open IP infrastructure to grow the creativity of the internet era.

Job Summary


📍Map out the essential DeFi components we need at the mainnet launch and subsequent stages to have a clear prioritization sequencing 📍Leverage personal and team networks to scout promising DeFi builders to ensure we have the foundation ready at launch to nurture and grow a DeFi ecosystem 📍Identify, connect, and work with third-party service and liquidity providers that are critical for the success of the first batch of DeFi products launching on Story 📍Identify and nurture innovative DeFi and IPfi projects that go beyond copying what other chains offer, with unique blends of social engagement, novel ways for capital formation or content monetization, and speculation 📍Design and lead the execution of strategic campaigns targeted at liquidity bootstrapping for the entire ecosystem or aimed to support each DeFi partner in the areas that yield maximum impact 📍Connect with and nurture KOLs and whales in the DeFi space that can help refer promising projects, support ecosystem partners, and build thought leadership


📍A deep understanding of the DeFi space, the role played by each component, the flow of liquidity, who are the key players, and what increases the odds of success for a nascent ecosystem 📍Worked with various DeFi projects in their 0 to 1 journey, from the product development to liquidity 📍Worked with or supported a new chain in bootstrapping their DeFi ecosystem in the early stage, ideally before the mainnet launch 📍Have an existing network of DeFi projects, builders, and pro users (degens, whales, influencers, etc.) 📍Expertise in designing and executing incentive campaigns, including understanding second-order effects and the impact of various mechanism designs on the long term sustainability of an ecosystem

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