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Creative Project Manager
7 months ago | 785 views | 7 applications

Creative Project Manager

Per year
$63,000 To $110,000

About the company

The World's Leading Cryptocurrency Platform

Job Summary


📍Lead end-to-end project management, from ideation to execution, ensuring timely delivery of high-quality creative assets. 📍Plan the creative schedule to ensure the achievement of KPIs. 📍Be the gatekeeper. Initiate asset requests from creative directors or the external agency. 📍Collaborate with user acquisition managers to establish the creative analysis process and KPI adherence. 📍Collaborate with Creative, Acquisitions, CRM, and 📍Data Analytics teams to align projects with strategic goals. 📍Develop and maintain project timelines, setting clear expectations for all stakeholders. 📍Implement project tracking and reporting mechanisms to improve team efficiency. 📍Act as a liaison between creative teams with both internal departments and external vendors, fostering effective communication and understanding. 📍Manage resources efficiently and effectively. 📍Maintain project documentation and file management.


📍Bachelor's degree in advertising, media, business, or a related field. 📍5-8 years of project management and related experience. 📍Digital Advertising Expertise: In-depth knowledge and understanding of digital advertising platforms, particularly Facebook Ads Manager, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, YouTube Ads, Google Ads, and TikTok Ads. Familiarity with their targeting options, ad formats, and optimization strategies is crucial. 📍Creative Campaign Management: Ability to oversee and manage the entire creative campaign process, from ideation to execution, ensuring alignment with growth objectives and KPIs. This includes coordinating with creative teams, defining project requirements, setting timelines, and tracking progress. 📍Data-Driven Decision Making: Proficiency in analyzing data and utilizing insights to inform creative strategies and optimize campaigns. Understanding key metrics, conducting A/B testing, and making data-driven adjustments are essential for achieving KPIs. 📍Cross-Channel Coordination: Skill in coordinating and managing creative assets across multiple social channels simultaneously. This involves understanding channel-specific requirements, adapting content for each platform, and ensuring consistency in messaging and branding. 📍Strong Communication and Collaboration: Excellent communication skills to effectively collaborate with various stakeholders, including creative teams, user acquisition managers, data analysts, social media platform representatives and external agencies. Clear and concise communication is key for successful project management. 📍Agile Project Management: Ability to work in an agile environment, adapting to changing priorities and tight deadlines. Experienced in project management methodologies is a plus, such as Scrum or Kanban, can aid in efficient task allocation, resource management, and timely delivery.

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