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Risk Labs
Community Manager
3 months ago | 414 views | 21 applications

Community Manager

Per year
$36,000 To $90,000

About the company

Risk Labs is the foundation and core team behind the UMA and Across projects. UMA and Across are decentralized protocols governed by community members across the globe in DAOs, and are supported by Risk Labs Foundation. UMA's optimistic oracle (OO) can record any verifiable truth or data onto a blockchain. Across is a cross-chain bridge for L2s and rollups secured by UMA’s OO.

Job Summary


📍Manage the functionality and oversee the moderation of our community platforms to create welcoming and productive environments for users. 📍Maintain a strong user support presence, and bridge communication between the company and the community as needed to facilitate quick response times and resolutions. 📍Organize and host online community events such as quests, community calls, AMAs, and more to grow our community and boost brand awareness. 📍Execute community growth campaigns across a range of social media platforms. 📍Engage with users across various platforms to actively encourage customer adoption, loyalty, and advocacy.


📍Bachelor's degree in marketing, communications, social media management, or related field preferred. 📍2+ years of related full-time work experience required, and 1+ years of admin experience managing messaging platforms like Discord or Telegram. 📍Experience with leading community-based moderators, or similar leadership roles. 📍Deep understanding of DAO culture, governance processes, and DAO tooling. 📍Excellent communication, interpersonal skills. 📍Strong resourcefulness and attention to detail. 📍Ability to showcase your infectious positive energy, empathetic attitude, and kindness in your work. 📍Resilience and a winning mindset, equipped to navigate the highs and lows of the crypto world

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