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Communications Lead
5 months ago | 448 views | 3 applications

Communications Lead


About the company

*Scroll has a remote-first work culture, our staff base is globally distributed and we are location agnostic. We make hiring decisions based on talent, culture fit and role suitability. If you have the skills and experience requested by this job description then please APPLY! At Scroll, we operate on the bleeding edge of a fast-moving frontier of zk technology, research and innovation. The Application Security Engineer will be responsible for improving the zkEVM-based zkRollup security, ensuring that Scroll is one of the safest Layer 2’s for projects and users. The role is ideal for an individual who thrives in a start-up environment, a self-starter that is dynamic and comfortable to take on responsibilities and can work effectively within a remote setup.

Job Summary


📍Understand the needs from other teams such as BD, DevRel, Engineering and work closely with founders on communication initiatives and plans; 📍You will craft and build communication narratives and you will decide on strategies, you will prioritise the strategies to create awareness for Scroll, and you will create plans that relate Scroll to the community; 📍You will write or work with the team to craft the coolest and the most creative messages on social media channel such as Twitter; 📍Lead and coach the team to ensure the quality of the deliveries of the communications; 📍Lead and manage multiple communications projects such as events, campaigns, and set objectives and timeline to them; 📍You may work with press and agencies to work on certain initiatives, this role has all the autonomy to be creative; 📍Create a super communications culture within Scroll and act as the culture carrier for internal employees.


📍Bachelor's or Master's degree in communications or marketing or extensive experience in this area; 📍Proven track record of building and executing marketing and communication plans in previous jobs; You come from either a marketing background or a communications background, or Both; 📍Solid knowledge in different marketing methodologies such as SEO, social media and so on; 📍Great writing skills and you are able to guide the team to improve and work on their messages; You are able to not only to craft great messages but also address the nuances in tone of the messages. 📍Great experience in working with cross functional teams and being able to effectively communicate with stakeholders to understand their challenges and needs, build narratives; 📍Excellent executing skills including leading and guiding the team to successfully deliver the end result; 📍Excellent English skills in both written and speaking especially is a must for this role, a second language such as Chinese, Korean, or Spanish is great to have;

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