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$70,000 TO $125,000 PER YEAR

About Company

Streamflow is a token distribution platform. We offer token vesting and payroll solutions on our platform that are trustless, verifiable, decentralized, and real-time. The streaming primitive unlocks efficient and transparent token vesting and payroll for teams on Solana. Category. AppDeFiSPLTools.

Job Description

We're looking for a full-time **Back-end Engineer** to improve and build our applications with a focus on API design and implementation, but also making sure our **infrastructure** works and is implemented with maintenance in mind. If you: - have 5+ years of professional experience working as a software engineer - have hands-on experience with AWS or alternative cloud providers and their products for modern infrastructure management (Docker, orchestration services, CI/CD, Terraform) - built production-ready servers before from the grounds up - have a nose for smelling problems before they happen - can have your working hours overlap with 3pm-5pm CET …then we should talk. 🙂 It will be a perfect fit if you love: - Developing - Learning (and do it fast) - Going outside your comfort zone - Doing what is best for the business - Participating in the construction of processes and organizations from an early stage - Autonomy and responsibility - Very ambitious projects ## 🌟 Bonus points If you: - Have experience with Python API development (Django, flask, or related skills) - Have a diverse set of skills and be ready to put them to use to build production-ready systems - Love Linux, Cloud providers and their products - Interested in building blockchain-related products you’re very likely to succeed in this role. ## 🔨 Responsibilities - Design, develop and maintain server-side code and infrastructure using one of the server-side languages (Rust, Python, Go or JVM languages) and Cloud products - Work with product to rapidly build experimental products, deploy them and track performance and gather feedback - Take ownership of key pieces of Streamflow’s infrastructure and back-end code and steer them in the right direction - Serve as the technical authority for a domain and tech stack best practices in API and Infrastructure ## Examples of near-term responsibilities - Backend API infrastructure (maintenance + new development) - Automatic token transfers - Authentication - User resources - Dashboard support - Internal analytics - CI/CD pipelines (including QA flow) - AWS provisioning CI integration - Terraform, CD ## 💰 Compensation: Salary is negotiable based on previous experience and crypto-native exposure.