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Assistant for Management
7 months ago | 919 views | 5 applications

Assistant for Management


About the company

CAIZ is THE FIRST ISLAMIC ECOSYSTEM BUILD ON BLOCKCHAIN: The mission is to create a Fiqh compliant financial ecosystem that provides our community fair and easy access to ethical financial products and services that give them the tools to build a strong financial future and engage in long term economically beneficial behaviour. CAIZcoin is the native coin that can be used on the CAIZblockchain to make payments, store value and to interact with the ethical financial products that will be built. The CAIZapp serves as the centerpiece of the extensive CAIZecosystem. With the App, you can maintain complete control over your digital assets and access all the features of the ecosystem.

Job Summary


📍Actively organize management's scheduling needs 📍Rearrange schedules to accommodate last-minute changes and emergency cancellations 📍Arrange and facilitate meetings, ensuring all parties can attend and that rooms are available 📍Prepare documents for external or internal communications 📍Analyze data and create reports to deliver to upper management 📍Accurately screen candidates or act as the liaison between different departments and senior staff members 📍All corporations and businesses have many moving parts that can be hard to keep track of management assistants 📍Plan and facilitate company-wide events or communications that upper management has created


📍First professional experience in a comparable position 📍High resilience 📍Ability to work independently 📍Analytical thinking 📍Sense of responsibility 📍Good communication skills and self-organization 📍Quick comprehension and fun working in a team

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