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Kronos Research
Alpha Researcher
4 months ago | 710 views | 5 applications

Alpha Researcher

Singapore, Taipei
Per year
$120,000 To $125,000

About the company

Kronos Research stands at the forefront of proprietary trading, elevating trading performance through its profound expertise in quantitative research. Driven by a fusion of rigorous research methodologies and advanced machine-learning techniques, we are revolutionizing the way trading is approached. We have 4 main business pillars, i.e. (i) High-Frequency Trading (HFT), particularly in the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency trading, (ii) market-making, providing the best liquidity across CeFi and DeFi solutions, (iii) asset management services for institutions and brokers covering a wide range of asset classes, and (iv) ventures, identifying high growth potential projects to invest in, provide expertise and drive returns.

Job Summary


📍Develop predictive features that are input into our trading strategies 📍Contribute to all aspects of the quantitative research process, including data validation and cleaning, feature generation, and back-testing 📍Prototype and implement signals in our C++ infrastructure 📍Conduct post-trade analysis to measure and improve the performance of your signals


📍Advanced training (Masters or PhD’s) from a top school in Math or Physics 📍Outstanding academic marks and a demonstrated history of excellence 📍Experience in or ability to quickly learn C++ 📍Background working in a data driven research environment 📍Excellent analytical skills, with strong attention to detail

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