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ML Research Intern
at Sahara
4 months ago | 796 views | 5 applications

ML Research Intern


About the company

Sahara is a decentralized AI network that unlocks fair and universal access to global knowledge capital. Through its suite of trustless, permissionless, and privacy-preserving AI products, Sahara empowers individuals and businesses with unparalleled opportunities for leveraging, utilizing, and monetizing their knowledge capital. Sahara has secured the backing of prominent Web3 and AI investors, including Polychain Capital, Sequoia Capital, Matrix Partners, Samsung Next, and many more.

Job Summary

Fields of Research

📍Pioneering Research: Collaborate with USC INK lab and embark on exploratory research areas like 📍Human-in-the-loop machine learning, Model Explanatory, Parameter-efficient Fine-tuning, Collective Intelligence, and Human-machine integration. 📍Business-Oriented Machine Learning: Build deep learning models for multi-modal understanding and recommendation to shape our unique services like our task distribution platform which connects AI demands with data labelers. Our clientele includes tech giants and star startups. 📍AI Co-pilots Development: Dive into the tide of LLM/Agent & AIGC applications. With our business closely related to the trailblazers in AI, you'll keep track of the AI industry's trend and optimize accordingly by providing handy workflow assistance AI.

Minimum Qualifications

📍Undergraduate or graduate students in Computer Science, Data Science, Math or related fields, as well as degree holders 📍Inquisitive Mind: An enthusiasm to learn and explore the uncharted territories of AI, ML, and related fields 📍Problem-solving mindset with a passion for innovation and experimentation. 📍Can commit to an internship period of more than 4 months (depends on proficiency)

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