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L2 Lead Developer Status Network
at IFT
7 days ago | 39 views | 2 applications

L2 Lead Developer Status Network


About the company

A mission-driven tech startup studio. We take ideas from the drawing board to market with financial, technical, legal, people operations, and brand-building support at every step. Our startups are free to focus on what they do best — building public goods to safeguard civil liberties in the digital age.

Job Summary

Key responsibilities:

📍Spearhead the implementation, launch, and ongoing development of a new zkEVM L2 rollup on Ethereum. 📍Oversee the entire infrastructure for the L2 rollup, collaborating with our RaaS and infra providers to ensure high reliability and performance. 📍Manage technical integrations with external third-party providers as well as internal teams, including adapting Nimbus client software for the rollup and working with the Status App client teams for application integration. 📍Collaborate on the codebase of our L2 stack partner to innovate and enhance the security and performance of our zkEVM rollup stack. 📍Drive the development process of Status Network by establishing rigorous testing protocols on testnets and mainnet, implementing best practices in coding, security, and system design, and coordinating deployment processes to ensure the rollup's integrity and availability at launch. 📍Engage with the community and developers through outreach, documentation, and support to encourage adoption and feedback for continuous improvement. 📍Lead, mentor, and expand our team of developers and engineers, promoting a culture of innovation and collaboration.

You will ideally have:

📍Strong experience in the Ethereum ecosystem, particularly with L2 solutions like zkEVM rollups. 📍Advanced knowledge of Solidity programming and a deep understanding of blockchain mechanics. 📍Proven track record of leading software development teams, with experience successfully managing cross-functional teams. 📍History of contributing to or leading open-source projects. 📍Expertise in cloud infrastructure management, especially with AWS, including configuring and managing scalable and secure environments suitable for blockchain applications 📍Proficient in setting up and maintaining continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines to streamline development and deployment processes, especially in the context of open-source software. 📍Experience with implementing and managing decentralised and distributed systems, demonstrating a robust understanding of the challenges and solutions specific to these environments.

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