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KOL Assistant
at Flare
24 days ago | 173 views | 4 applications

KOL Assistant


About the company

Grants Program The Flare Ecosystem Support Program provides both financial and non-financial support to projects and entities within the Flare Network community, in order to accelerate the growth of the ecosystem. We will be awarding FLR and SGB denominated grants each quarter, across a variety of categories such as builder tools, projects and infrastructure supporting Flare Network’s growth. Grants are awarded after an internal application and evaluation process. Builders can also attend our weekly Developer Q&A session each Wednesday @ 15:00 UTC on Discord for project feedback, advice and general Flare-focused engineering questions.

Job Summary

Key Responsibilities:

📍KOL Identification and Research: Conduct comprehensive research to identify potential KOLs relevant to Flare’s strategic objectives, focusing on platforms like Twitter and YouTube. Stay abreast of industry trends to discover emerging KOLs in the AI and DeFi sectors. 📍KOL Qualification: Evaluate the identified KOLs based on predefined criteria such as reach, engagement rates, audience demographics, and alignment with Flare’s values and goals. Prioritise KOLs for outreach based on their potential impact on Flare’s objectives. 📍Outreach and Engagement: Initiate contact with potential KOLs to introduce Flare’s vision and partnership opportunities. Engage in preliminary discussions to gauge interest and fit for Flare’s KOL strategy. 📍Introduction to Social Media Manager: Facilitate introductions between interested KOLs and the Social Media Manager for deeper strategic discussions. Ensure a smooth transition by providing comprehensive background information to both parties. 📍Contract Facilitation: Assist in drafting, sending, and following up on contracts with KOLs. Ensure that all contractual agreements are clearly communicated and understood by both parties. Manage the finance process and ensure KOLs are paid on time. 📍Delivery and Performance Monitoring: Monitor and track KOL content delivery against contractual agreements. Work closely with the analytics team to assess the performance of KOL engagements based on predefined KPIs. 📍Analytics and Reporting: Assist in the collection and analysis of performance data for KOL campaigns.Provide regular reports on KOL performance, insights, and recommendations for strategy adjustments.

Role Requirements

📍Strong Research and Analytical Skills: Able to identify and qualify potential KOLs effectively. 📍Excellent Communication: Strong interpersonal skills to engage with KOLs and internal teams. 📍Social Savvy: Familiar with social media platforms, particularly Twitter and YouTube, and understanding of key metrics for influencer engagement. 📍Attention to Detail: Organisational skills for contract management, finance and performance tracking. 📍Proactive: Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced environment. 📍Blockchain Boss: Knowledge of the blockchain, AI, and DeFi sectors is highly desirable. 📍Web3 Network: Existing strong web3 KOL network is a plus.

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